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Cogeneration Heating and Cooling

A Cogeneration system uses a proven natural gas or propane fueled engine to generate electricity, much like a generator. Electricity is fed into the home, thereby reducing the facility's electrical consumption and bill significantly.

At the same time, free "waste" heat is recovered from the cogeneration system's engine oil, jacket, and exhaust heat. Captured heat is then used to offset fuel that would otherwise have to be burned in the home's water heaters and boilers. This allows the home's boilers to not have to work as hard, making the home's gas bill (e.g., for space heating, domestic hot water, pool heating, etc.) goes down, too.

Waste heat captured from the Cogeneration system can even be fed into a device called an absorption chiller, which is able to convert the waste heat into cooling. This relieves the site's other chillers (typically, electricity-powered) from having to do so much of the site's air conditioning.

By utilizing the free "waste" heat available, in addition to the electricity produced, an end-user can achieve overall operating efficiencies much higher than a "conventional" system ever could (e.g. a utility power plant and an on-site boiler).

Approximately a 5 year payback of the initial investment in this system from the savings on utilities, as well as the 30% guaranteed federal rebate on the initial investment (roughly $60,000+ in rebate).

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