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Green Building

Cobble Creek Builders Cobble Creek Builders, Inc. is constantly exploring and utilizing new energy efficient ways to develop your home that helps save you money and also helps save our planet. Specializing in the installation of new green technology, CCB has discovered a new way to optimize design while limiting energy cost, consumption and reliance.

Energy efficiency pays, now more than ever. There are several programs that give tax credits for building energy-efficient structures or for adding energy-efficient features. Here's a summary of the available programs and where to go for more information.

Tax Credits for Home Energy Efficiency Improvements

"Our clients are reevaluating the cost of energy with an eye to new "green" alternatives. We see tremendous possibilities for home buyers willing to look beyond the immediate; and we've enhanced our capabilities accordingly."
Joe Denn - President, Cobble Creek Builders

Forecasted Electricity Costs

Services We Offer

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